Big Survival

by Pigeon

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released March 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Pigeon Warwick, New York


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Track Name: Nail Box
Thy vice is thy king got to strike back again never stay down that’s where they want you facing the carpet I will not be begging your pardon stomaching your jargon blood has been spilled inside my apartment I couldn’t care less if it burns to the ground burn to the ground dialing these numbers with no reception child your alone that is a void you’ll be forced to have filled with all your own research so mind on your leisure the moves that you make and the words that you speak and know that the world can still sink deeper this is what were dying for your lover is yours when your eyes first crossed the blood shouldn’t spill it should fucking pour fuck support this is what your dying for the war was yours on the day you were born the blood wont spill it’ll fucking pour doubting yourself cause of what they have told you. Out in the street where the building lack aesthetic that sounds like torment and that is distortion. Hope you will forfeit like god I am crawling back to where I made sense of these things without you. Up through the clouds down through the floor there I go again conflict truth is here.
Track Name: Rumor Mill
It’s just some sound (banging on my head), basement coffin, small town big talk, breathing toxins. Leaving sewers. Cameras capture us vulnerable, so what. I call these dirty lungs into action. So the rumor is something like your the best drug in town, pick her up, take her out, get’s you high, then tears you down. I know how you feel because you don’t feel a thing.
Track Name: Meditation On Ignorance
It’s easy to attach words like miserable or weird to the things that we don’t understand or comprehend.
Track Name: Rhythm Section, 1887
What you run from knows your hiding keeps the pace and stays behind you where you come from knows your dying sees some change exisits without your broken records on the playground what they say is all the same things all your lovers know your colors black stains the heart and then controls the arms. True! captain brought his calvary, rode upon my property, regrets to usher tragedy, conflict is a certainty. Well we acted like were kings, now we need to pick our poisons. Now we need to drink our poisons. So you had to shed some blood, so what?! Where’s your friends? Out in some dead end, out where things are happening. Irony.
Track Name: Thom Hanks
Shiprecked, on an island, all alone. It’s a bad dream its still a dream it’s a bad dream it’s just a dream. There is no conversation where there is no patience Walter! Walter! There is no conversation where there is no patience.
Track Name: Young Lovers
Confetti settles on the floor, young lovers grow old longing for each other. No more I facillitate these thorns bearing no blood on this sword. This rusted armor is far too worn. Life flows through your body. I can feeling it roaring softly through your skin. It haunts me darling, please don’t cut transmition. Well behind my door, deciding death is neccessary to cut the chord. Lifeboat leave this port. The orders are tall but my life is so short. We all do what we can, not always what was said. Praying to pluck gold from some rivers bed. Waiting at the bus stop, waiting for the rain to stop, waiting at stop waiting for the pain to stop.
Track Name: Devil's Child
Dreams are now your life, sail across the moon, into your minds ocean. Don’t let yourself sink to death. Car crash, car wreck, never gamble life again. So so alive in a wave of dead reverb. Hush behind the eyes. It was a hostile hostile takeover. Come break the news, devil child. I once cared, but now it’s fine with me. I’m not sitting, I’m sinking.
Track Name: The Color Of Fire
Life in the dumps when your under the sun, your under the gun. There’s no place to run, burning up inside, pouring through the eyes. Pouring through the eyes, burning up inside, walking six city blocks with no place to hide. Nobody pay no mind. Keep them kicks to the street, brother your a saint. Backs at the wall of a floor that I’ve paced to many times before. Well it’s a sinking ship, but the brass is gorgeous. Oh my god burning up inside, pouring through the eyes. Im in no place, to place no blame, cause I don’t make a sound at all. A bull sees red, the dress was scarlet red, the color of the liquid that runs through my skin.
Track Name: Street Sweeper
The city’s a mess, so is my head, so is the paycheck, so is where the days spent. Every day I’m forced to ask myself questions that have no answers. Garbage on my front step, garbage on the sidewalk, let it be, just let it be. Do what you can, do what you can. My stomach ties itself in knots everytime I walk down Roosevelt. My woman and I share an umbrella every time science tries to spit on my forehead. This ones for you, brother my friend, this ones to you, my brother, my friend, this ones all you sister a lover.
Track Name: Shit City Dim Lighting
Guages busted wonder if theres such a thing off the path few screws loose were missing springs on the fence indecision often do to my indifference cracked and splitting just like ancient porcelain. Ive got nothing to say, I have been at wits ends and still gained control again I have nothing to lose.somethings change but I guess somethings stay the same. City hall tells us all what is right what is wrong. Listen up, listen good, such is life so knock on wood. Make a move make it sharp hands of time tear us apart. city breathes like a beast that never sleeps. Make a move make it sharp hands of time tear us apart. City breathes like a beast that never sleeps. We pass through its teeth.
Track Name: Wall St.
They just want to sit and talk about wall street. A mouth full of fangs, a mouth full of venom. All that cologne will mask all the bullshit. Nothings gonna change no nothings gonna change nothings going to change at all. Even a saint doesn’t know what’s worth saving. Despite all resitstance keep moving forward. Despite all resistance look past tommorow. Despite all resistance I’ve got to stay focused. Lovers leave your hands inside of the rib cage. I wear my heart upon my shirt sleeve. I will spend my days hunting the culprits. Horseshoes for the wars that were waiging. Horseshoes for the wars that you feel inside. Mountians I’ve paced to escape myself. All my life sinking to swim, all my life I’ve been dealing with this. Digging our own graves. Detonate your poems, bullets through the phone, no ones going home.
Track Name: Pauly P. Soars Across The Sky Like A Jet Plane
Up my walls, across my floor listening to all my calls theres this ghost southeast asia I owe my whole life to right or wrong, not my questions true or false, not my questions you can swear blue in the face everyday, count your days or just learn, learn to forget machine guns tear through generations caution tape for your pitfall politics run! back to where you hide yourself run! back to where you hide your lies cause you are like the sun in my sky aurora borealis pales in comparison bury butterflies inside the concrete every hour, every day of a week they built a wall for you close your eyes, hear a shot, formulate opinions thats what we do formulate opinions.